Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently and for how long should I set the alarms?

​Most physicians want a record of your pain over the course of the full day. On the Settings page, turn on Alarms and set the Start time to your normal awakening time. Set the Stop time to your normal bedtime. A typical Interval is hourly but your physician may have another preference. Mend+ will automatically alarm at the selected interval between the start and stop times. A pain diary is typically recorded for seven or more days. The alarm will continue daily until the alarm is turned off on the Settings page. If you have an injection procedure, your doctor will likely request that you record your pain levels more frequently for a short period. Your doctor can recommend an interval and duration. Turn on the Injection Monitor under the Settings page and select the Interval (typically every 15 minutes) and the Duration (typically 2 hours). The Injection Monitor will give alerts in addition to the regular daily alarms. For best results, have your doctor turn on the Injection Monitor immediately before the injection procedure. The Injection Monitor will automatically shut off after the specified duration.

Is my information secure?

We (Wavegate Technologies, LLC) do not collect any information about you from within the Mend+ app. The Mend+ application resides on your device, as does any protected health information (“PHI”) that you enter into the application, until such time as you decide to transmit your PHI to another person or healthcare provider. If you elect to transmit your data to your healthcare provider(s), the transmitted PHI will be subject to their HIPAA privacy policies as contained in their Notice of Privacy Practices, which they are required by law to give you. If you choose to transmit your PHI from within the Mend+ application, that transmission is done at your own risk. Be advised that communications via email over the internet are generally not secure. Although it is unlikely, there is a possibility that information you include in an email can be intercepted and read by other parties besides the person to whom the email is addressed. Mend+ does not encrypt your cell phone, tablet, or computer (collectively, “Device”), nor does the Mend+ app encrypt your PHI, nor does it encrypt any backup drive or cloud service you use for backup; thus, we cannot guarantee the security of your PHI or the transmission of any email or the identity of the recipient. For your safety, we recommend you encrypt your Device, send your emails via an encrypted email service, and if you back up your PHI, choose a backup service with encrypted servers. If you choose to keep or store your PHI on an unencrypted device or send your information via unencrypted email over the internet, you do so at your own risk, and you agree to hold MendLog, LLC harmless from any and all risks or damage associated with transmitting or storing unencrypted PHI.

Which devices are compatible?

​Mend+ software is compatible with Apple iPhone 4 and higher. Activity monitor data is available on iPhone 5 and higher devices. Mend+ is compatible with many Android devices. Activity monitor data will only be available on devices offering pedometer functionality. Please contact us with any questions or to report a problem.

What information is collected about me?

​Mend+ prompts for personally-identifiable information such as your name and date of birth. This allows disambiguation in the event you elect to share information with your doctor. Any information you enter into Mend+ is collected by the application. Date and time-stamps may be appended to information you enter. The activity monitor may autonomously record the number of steps you take in a day on devices equipped with a pedometer. This function may be turned off under the settings menu.

Where can I learn more about how to use Mend+?

Tutorial videos on how to use Mend+ may be found on the homepage. To view the video now, select either the Android or iOS operating system.

Where should I put the pain marker if I hurt in more than one place?

Most people's pain is located in more than one small spot and often several different areas or regions can be painful simultaneously. Mend+ allows a single marker on one spot to avoid confusing pain levels between different spots. Rather than moving the marker to different spots and entering pain levels for these spots, select one spot which is most representative of your usual pain that your doctor is treating.